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Welcome to Edzania Online Classes

We at Edzania has a splendid team well versed with the class of knowledge, animating the ideas and promoting the sequels well-crafted aligned to make the course material in simple and interesting manner. We have designed our E-Learning portal and application, the digital content for school curriculum with an aim to enhance the classroom environment and improve learning outcomes.

Our curriculum follows the best teaching practices and is designed by qualified teachers which would help students to improve their learning outcomes in both urban as well as rural schools. Our content is designed for Science and Maths for Class VIII to Class X. Students can access the content through computers, tablets, and without having to completely rely on teachers in their absence. With the growth in urban sectors, there has been a swift increase in technology through latest smartphones, tablets etc. in the urban and rural sector. The rapid urbanization has certainly witnessed that technology has not only changed but conquered all the areas whether it is business, education, leisure, shopping, medical etc.

Therefore, Edzania an end-to-end learning solution that is changing the way students pursue studying. Our well-experienced team of educationalists and technologists aim to provide seamless educational services that will empower the leaders of future. Edzania provides educational content through animated 2D and 3D videos to make learning fun. Our videos are easy to understand with an interesting storyline and capture the viewer’s attention to interactive content. Additionally, Edzania offers interactive quizzes and encourages students to get involved in decision-making activities. Edzania has developed several breakthroughs in the areas of content, online tuitions, smart study through videos and animations.
Edzania aims to deliver quality content to every government and public school across the country using the internet medium. It also helps solve the problem of shortage of quality teachers faced by most schools. Teachers can also integrate Edzania’s digital content with their blackboard teaching and lesson plans.
Join us at Edzania where we make studying fun and interactive.

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